My name is Rachel. I’m a 32 year old Australian mother of 5 children. I live in the Western suburbs of Sydney with my partner of 12 years, Rob and our children Chloe (10), Clare (8), Caitlin (6), Riley (4) and Sophie (1), and our cat Chelsea.

Before children I ran a home based child care where I cared for between 5 and 8 children each day, so it has been no surprise to my family and friends that I have ended up having a large family.

I have been a Stay at Home Mum (thanks to my hard working partner) since I had my first baby in 1998 and I love it. Staying at home with my family is very important to me and while I say that I am by no means devaluing mothers who work outside of the home. I believe that all Mothers try to do the very best for their families and for me, my family and our circumstances, staying at home is what is best for us.

I have been blogging since January 2006. I really only started because I had begun podcasting and I needed a blog to help publish my podcasts. I started noticing other Bloggers and began reading their blogs. Not long after I was posting on my blog regularly. I blog about my family and my domestic side over at A Juggling Mum.

I have been a seller on eBay since June 2002. I started out selling scrapbooking papers and accents and then I started selling family DVDs, mostly popular kids DVDs, which I have been doing for the last 5 years. This led me to launch Dippity DVDivas in November 2007, originally at Blogger but have since moved it to WordPress. I have also launched a blog dedicate to Dora DVDs and another to High School Musical 3 Songs .

And now i start to build business web hope this web will bring reader to rich!