How “Twilight” Changed the Teen Literature WorldComments Off

When Stephenie Meyer began penning her Twilight series, she never could have dreamed how big the phenomenon of vampires would become.

“Twilight” was the first work of teen literature that introduced young adults to the world of vampires. Vampires had historically been portrayed as predators and harmful to humans. The vampires in the book proved that although they are hunters in nature, they could peacefully coexist with the human world.

The Twilight series also became some of the most popular romance novels published to date. The unorthodox romance between Bella and Edward, the main characters, gave teens an inside look at a relationship that could not progress physically due to the risk of harm between the two of them.

The Twilight Series was also the first of its kind to bridge the gap between young adult readers and their parents. Many moms and daughters bonded over reading the series together, and it became the perfect launching pad for discussions about relationships and feelings.

“Twilight” set many records in the teen literature world, from number of sales to distribution in many countries overseas. It has sparked hundreds of other vampire novels and spin off books, including fan written fiction and internet publications.

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